Sunday, September 20, 2009


On my flight to Atlanta, I sat next to a man from Amelia was was on his way to Missoula, MT. His son had worked in Glacier National Park over the summer and they were going to drive from Missoula to Denver via Yellowstone and Rocky Mountain. On the flight to Denver, the clouds started to give way and you could actually see what we were flying over. 

I got to Downtown Denver around 3:30 in the afternoon. I took a grand walking tour (4+ miles) of downtown.

16th Street Mall was crowded for a Sunday afternoon. It's a pedestrian mall in downtown Denver that stretches from the Capital grounds to the Platte River with free bus transit.

Colorado Convention Center

The Platte River with New Mile High Stadium and the Rockies in the background.
While leaving Denver, I got caught in Broncos traffic.

It rained on the way to Colorado Springs, but as I got closer it stopped and provided a good sunset over Pikes Peak.

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