Monday, September 21, 2009

Last Snow of Summer

Today is the last day of Summer. 

First thing was a trip to REI for a pair of Gore Windstopper gloves. These should work great over my wool gloves and be a nice replacement for my old OR gloves that have been slowly torn to pieces. After lunch it was on to Palmar Park. This looks like a beautiful park with lots of trail and some great views. 

The views as you see were not so great today.

While walking into REI the rain and sleet turned to snow. It's too warm down at 6000' for it to stick, but it was falling as snow.

It looks like the snow started sticking around 7500'

After a long trip through downtown and past the velodrome at Memorial Park, it was onto Garden of the Gods. The tour guide didn't show up for the 2 o'clock guided nature tour, so the five of us waiting for it took our own tour from the north parking lot. I ran into them again as they were looking for the Siamese Twins.

I got to Balanced Rock (covered in tourists) and the sun came out.

Clouds were sitting around 10k feet, so Pikes was still out of view.

Web cams for Central CO show a dusting of snow remaining at 8000'-9000' so hopefully I'll be able to stick to plan with Buffalo Peaks at the southern end of the Mosquitos tomorrow. If not, maybe I'll do an out and back on the Continental Divide from Monarch's Pass (the webcam shows snow free there. (note: that was earlier in the day. as of sunset Rt. 50 was snow covered). We'll see how the weather goes. Yes Mom, I'll be carrying a space blanket, first aid kit and matches. 

Dinner: Shish Kabobs and Hummus at The NIle in Manitou Springs

Update: weather forecast isn't looking so hot. Maybe I should stop back at REI for a pair of snowshoes.

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