Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Maroon Bells

After seeing 12k feet on Independence Pass and not being able to see into the Aspen valley, I decided to take a scouting trip to Maroon Bells where tomorrow I had planned on doing the 4 Pass Loop.

Some Aspen...

The Bells

Sievers Mountain

Highland Peak (12,382') from Crater Lake Trail

North and South Maroon Peak (14,156' and 14,014')

Pyramid Peak (14,018') on the left. In the center is the area near West Maroon Pass, the first of the four passes in the 4 Pass Loop.

The Bells above Maroon Lake

The Bells and Sleeping Sexton

Tomorrow, I'll be skipping the 4 Pass Loop. There's just too much snow on the passes and considering most of the loop is above 11,000', there will likely be snow covering most of it. I'll likely hangout in Aspen, maybe take a trip down Castle Creek Road and do a short (4 mile) hike to Cathedral Lake. Or possibly a trip to Snowmass and short (2 mile) hike down Maroon Snowmass Trail to see Snowmass Mountain (14,092') and Capitol Peak (14,130').

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