Saturday, September 26, 2009

Timberline Lake

Slight change of plans for today. I had planned on Missouri Lakes and Fancy Pass in Holy Cross Wilderness today. Between the snow, the loooong gravel road to get there and my re-sprained ankle, I decided to do something else. I would up with another hike in Holy Cross - Timberline Lake. This is a short hike from the far end of Turquoise Lake/Reservoir outside of Leadville. 

It is also a popular trailhead for The Colorado and Continental Divide Trails.

Lunch at Tennessee Pass Cafe in Leadville

I didn't get a good photo of Mt. Massive towering over Leadville because I was shooting into the sun and between that and the snow, it was just all washed out.

The drive between Leadville and Copper was through a heavily mined area.

Now it's off to dinner.

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